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Only one printer solve all

The character of our special RIP software is that you could assign every single slot of the printer for printing.
In this case,you could set two kinds of inks both in the printer,then print by the ink which you want or both together by one pass printing.For example,there are CMYK normal water-based pigment inks and sublimation inks in your printer which has 8 slots,you could use any kinds of inks as you want by assigning slots by our RIP software.
Meanwhile,if one of ink has nozzle clogged,you could use vacant slot instead of that by this method.
All of above problems would be solved by our RIP software.
File Input and Output

The software is compatible with a variety of file formats, such as EPS, AI and PDF as Vector(PostScript) data.
An optional function can be added with an extra fee, which will enable output of jobs into images.
This enables profile settings and also functions as CMYK 4 color separator that can handle dithering and screening. Output file formats include TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.
Calibration Function

Our calibration function can minimize the color differences in outputs from multiple printers.
It adjusts minor errors caused by aging deterioration or individual variability which enable outputs of large-volume orders by multiple printers.
This function also applies when different types of printers are used, so long as the ink and the medium are the same. *System calibration requires an colorimeter and profile software.
Simultaneous Output of Multiple Profiles

This function uses two sets of process ink (Pigments and Special Pigments) and can overlap and print two images by using their respective ink sets.
The ink levels can be adjusted for each image when they are combined.
These special settings help produce very well designed and appealing printouts.
Slot Control Function

1: Slot Control Ink slot control for printer ink.
The ink slots can be configured beyond their default setting.
The ink slot can have different configurations as needed. Having the same configuration sets, if one slot becomes jammed, other slots can be designated for use, allowing the print operation to continue.
2: Ink slot rotation The same color inks can be set into multiple slots to prevent slots from clogging while interchangeable using these slots.


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